October 14, 2016
Why you should use a resume builder

Job Hunting is a Pain

Job hunting can be a long and incredibly frustrating process. Job seekers typically need to submit dozens of applications to land an interview and each application should have a resume customized and tailored for the specific job you are applying to.

Resume best practices are constantly changing and opinions on what makes a great resume are all over the place. Is your resume supposed to be one page? Or is it okay to have two? Should you include a professional summary? Should you put your education section before or after your work experience? It’s hard to tell what you should include and which format you should use to catch the reader’s eye and land that interview.

This is where a resume builder can be incredibly useful and a big time-saver. Our resume builder is great if you’re unfamiliar with resume dos and don’ts, if you’re applying for multiple positions, and especially if you haven’t had a lot of experience creating resumes.Plus it's FREE. 

The Benefits of Spry’s Resume Builder

Why should you use our resume builder? It’s super easy to use and created by people who have years of experience reviewing resumes and making hiring decisions. All you have to do is enter your information and Spry creates out a correctly formatted resume. Spry’s resume builder allows you to select your favorite template and gives you a better chance of getting an interview. It’s much faster and easier to use than creating a resume by hand.

Spry offers thousands of pre-written job responsibility bullet points that you can insert in your resume to increase its visibility and effectiveness. We offer 3 templates to choose from and each has been carefully designed and vetted to get through HR screening processes. Our app takes the guesswork out of designing your own resume and finding the best way to highlight your skills.